Our Services


Basic Manicure $25

Exfoliation Manicure $35

Valuable Manicure $45

Regular Manicure with Gel Polish $35

Add-ons for Manicure

Gel/Shellac Polish $15

White Tips$10

Regular White Tips Polish $10

Gel Take-off $5

Hot Stone$15



Basic Pedicure $30

Basic Manicure & Callus Removal Treatment $35

Deluxe Pedicure $45

Golden Mystique Pedicure $50

Volcano Pedicure $55

Collagen Pedicure $60

Luxury Collagen Pedicure $99

Add-ons for Pedicure

Shellac $15

White Tips$10

Paraffin Wax $20

Gel Take-off $5

Hot Stone$15

Nail Enhancement


Acrylic with Regular Polish Full Set /Fill-ins $45 /$35

Acrylic with Shellac/Gel Full Set /Fill-ins $50 /$40

White Tips Acrylic Full Set /Fill-ins $50 /$40

Pink & White Solar Acrylic Full Set /Fill-ins $65 /$40

Ombre Acrylic Full Set /Fill-ins $65 /$45

Add Soak-off Fill-ins $10


Dipping Power $40

Dip Power Nails with tips $50

Dipping Pink & White Nails with Tips $65

Dipping Ombre $65

Dipping Take-off $5


Gel/Shellac Polish $25

Regular Nail Polish $20

Regular Toes Nail Polish $20


Soak Off Acrylic Redo$10

(Any kinds of nails)

Take-off/Soak-off $15

(Takeoff/ soak off: medium shape : $5+)

Almond/Coffin/Stiletto Shape $5

Medium Shape $5

Finger Nail Cut $15

Nail Repair $5+

Nail Design $5+

2 Nail design$5+

10 nails design$25 & Up

Long Shape $10+

Extra Long Shape$15+

Toenail Cut $15

Paraffin Wax $20

Full Set On Toes$50

2 Acrylic on Toes$15

Refill 2 Toes$10

Refill On Toes$35


White Tip$10

Design $5 and up

Gel and White Tip$25

Hot Stone$15

1 Minutes Massage$2

Take Off$5

Kid's Services

(10 And Under)

Kid Pedicure $25

Kid Manicure $20

Kid Nail Polish $15

Kid Toe Polish $15


Facial 1 $45

Antioxidant Goji: All skin types; ideal for mature skin, sun-damaged skin, dry or dull skin.
Super Green Strength: all skin types; ideal for skin texture, oily skin, stressed skin, or dark circles
Radiance Biotin: all skin types; ideal for or dull skin, sensitive skin, sun-damaged skin, rosacea-prone skin

Facial 2 $50

Resilience Caviar collagen: all skin types; mature, ideal for sun-damaged skin, saggy skin, and all skin textures.
Egyptian rose: all skin types; ideal for anti-fine wrinkles or uneven skin tone.
Brightening Complex: all skin types; ideal to treat hyperpigmentation, discoloration, aging spots, sun spots, sun-damaged skin, or melasma.
Australian Sheep Placenta: all skin types; ideal for anti-aging, sun-damaged skin, saggy skin, and all skin textures.
Hyaluronic Acid: all skin types; ideal for dehydrated skin, saggy skin, or sensitive skin.

Facial 3 $55

Pure Himalayan White Tea: All skin types; ideal for sensitive skin, anti-acne and anti-benefits, and pore care.
Intensive Aftercare: All skin types; ideal for instant soothing, anti-inflammation, blemish, swelling, and acne-prone skin.
Renewal Boost: All skin types; ideal for damaged skin, acne scars, and uneven skin tone.
Belgium Cocoa: all skin types: ideal for various skin textures and dry skin.

Eyelash Extensions

Strip Lashes $18+

Cluster Lashes $45

Take off$15

Take off redo$5

Touch-up $60+

Lash Extensions $130+

Exchange individual lash$45


Lips $10

Brow Wax $15

Nose $15

Chin $10+

Underarms $20+

Brow Tint $25+

Full Arms $50+

Full Legs $65+

Brazilian $65+